The genuine yeast cakes from the furnas

Bolos Lêvedos Rosa Quental appeared in 1970, in one of the most visited places in the Azores – Furnas. Rosa Quental, founder and owner, was a pioneer in making the famous and delicious Bolos Lêvedos from Furnas. With the mission of bringing a high-quality product to the home of each one of Furnas and São Miguel Island residents, the company has always followed the original recipe and its artisanal production techniques to create this bread so cherished by the people of São Miguel and tourists.

Located on Rua de Sant’Ana, the pink house as many call it, is one of the visiting cards of Furnas and one of the most visited places by tourists. Whoever passes by Furnas cannot resist taking a bag of warm Bolos Lêvedos, to enjoy at any time of the day. For breakfast or a mid-day snack, accompanied by tea or coffee, or even for lunch or dinner, in the form of a hamburger, pizza or whatever you like!

The company distinguishes itself from the others, as it is a pioneer, follows the original recipe and artisanal production techniques, has enormous respect for the product and its history, guarantees a commitment to quality and total customer satisfaction.

During your visit to Furnas, don’t forget to buy the Bolos Lêvedos Rosa Quental! Also visit our cafe and try the various possible combinations, with the best local products of São Miguel Island.