The Yeast Cake


an you imagine arriving in the parish of Vale das Furnas and having the pleasure of tasting a wonderful, warm, fluffy and genuine Bolo Lêvedo? Yeast cake is a kind of bread and cake mix, so soft and sweet at the same time. It’s hard to describe one. The best thing to do is taste it!

A Bolo Lêvedo is part of any Azorean table. It is eaten for breakfast as well as any other meal. Serve as a side dish and sometimes even as a main course! It’s a way to experience new flavors and fall in love with the best that Furnas has to offer. It is a way of supporting our Region.

Add some butter, ham and island cheese. Accompany it with tea during those colder days. Bolo Lêvedo is also very popular in the form of pizza or hamburgers. The sweetness of the cake against the salty, makes a meal to die for!

When visiting Vale das Furnas, don’t forget to buy the Bolos Lêvedos Rosa Quental. They will be your company during a walk or a picnic by the Furnas Lagoon. There’s nothing better than enjoying a bath in Terra Nostra Park or Poça da Dona Beja and then having a hot, freshly baked Bolo Lêvedo!

It is difficult to explain the true taste of this product. You have to try it!

Como visit us and taste the “genuine Bolos Lêvedos from Furnas” – Bolos Lêvedos Rosa Quental! Look for a pink house. We are waiting for you.